What is next?

Since its creation, Zashev Web Design Studio has been committed to offering quality and innovative solutions. We do not just design, code, create and manage advertising strategies, but build a complete solution that delivers real results.

To give the best, we develop each unit of our work and try to reach perfection. We spend a lot of time planning and organizing the workflow. We attend courses and seminars. We develop innovative ideas and apply them to our work. We strive to use the latest web standards and trends while delivering value to the web space and millions of visitors to our websites.

Here are some of the innovations we are working on:

Implementation of artificial intelligence in websites

Consumer expectations and habits change with each passing day. People want everything to be done very quickly and the software to anticipate their actions and desires. This is also our goal - to create website behavior models based on the actions of visitors in order to give them the content they want to reach quickly and accurately.

Website monitoring SiteWatch

This is a service that aims to improve the quality of websites and keep them sustainable over time. In the practice of Zashev Web Design Studio for almost 15 years we have found that most of the websites are neglected by their owners. There are cases of owners who have not looked at their website for years. Of course, it is not their fault, everyone has current tasks and sometimes the website is their last concern, but the fact that someone stopped visiting their website does not mean that their customers have stopped. In this regard, we have developed a service that is a monthly monitoring of the website by over 30 criteria, which guarantees that it will always look perfect. see more…