Website Monitoring - SiteWatch


Creating a website is a very well structured and closely monitored process. After completion, the website goes through several checks, content layouts, etc. until the website is published on the web and become visible to users. In this wonderful moment, the website is in peak form - it just looks perfect. The designer has endeavoured to elaborate the smallest details; developers were programming it complied with all modern requirements and best practices; the content was published and arranged in the best way.

But what happens next?

Since all the websites we make at Web Design Studio Zashev have a content management panel where adding content is very easy, most clients choose to add the content themselves.

There is nothing wrong with this, but in the process, inaccuracies are accumulated. That is very unpleasant and it reduces visitor’s trust. Inaccuracies are of a variety of nature, such as spelling and punctuation, poorly formatted text, poorly formatted photos, poor quality or altered/flattened photos, outdated information, missing information, incorrect links, discrepancies, duplicate content, lack of feedback when attempting to contact, lack of attributes on requirements such as GDPR and more.

Therefore, we decided to create a service that guarantees monthly website monitoring and care by a specially trained staff member who crawls the website on over 30 criteria and prepares a report with recommendations. They are applied as part of website maintenance.

The purpose of this service, providing by Web Design Studio Zashev, is to make your website look perfect, not just at the time of its creation.

We are not all editors, not all of us have the time and knowledge to create grammatically and stylistically well-shaped text.

However, by leaving poorly written text on the website, the owner risks having content already seen by visitors, potential customers, or partners.

Trust me, spelling and grammatical errors, vague thought, and messy content are things that influence customers much more today than ever to decide a continue or not to communicate.

That is why we always tell our customers that if you don't visit your website, it does not mean that your customers don't do it daily. You need to make sure that they see what would gain and retain their trust in your content.