Website monitoring

How often do you visit your own website?

Do you know, that every day at any time of the day your website is visited by many potential customers and the first step in deciding whether to work with you is exactly what they will see on your website? Important is not only the vision but also the content, easy navigation and many other factors.

Have you ever visited a site that does not look good, there are typos, crushed and ill-looking photos, badly formatted texts, outdated information, missing information, broken links and unsupported language versions, etc?

If you have had such an experience, it is unlikely that you would trust this website’s owner. In fact, he may turn out to be an exceptional professional, but against the backdrop of his daily commitments, he does not find any time to deal with his website. In the short time that he has once every few months, he tries to add some information, but he makes a few mistakes in his haste. So, over time, these mistakes and inaccuracies accumulate, and the moment comes when you visit the site and it fails to win you as a customer.

What we offer is SiteWatch or Website Monitoring. The idea is our specialists to monitor your website monthly with over 30 criteria and if they detect a problem or inaccuracy to inform you. Once the problem is identified, we can troubleshoot it through subscription support, if you have one, or we can send a report and you can fix the issues by yourself.

This service is care of your website and guarantees that it will always look perfect!

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