The ideal employee


How many of your employees can you identify in this way? Everyone has certain abilities and qualities. Sometimes they fit perfectly with the requirements for the position, sometimes not, but that's exactly the job of a good manager or human resources department.

I’ll tell you about a little more particular case. An employee who never absent from work. He never gets sick. He works 24/7 and never asks for a pay raise simply because he doesn't get one. However, he is satisfied and always fulfils his duties with the same precision and enthusiasm. He is always responsible and dedicated, he is never a jester. He will never disappoint. Everything is because it is programmed. This is your website.

While you relax or deal with everyday tasks, it continues to work for you. It meets your potential customers and tells them about you and your business. It earns customers and money for you.

All you need is to transmit the right message to your customers. Then give it a levelled playing field by attracting more visitors with some of the many ad channels.

How to Get the Perfect Employee? Here are some easy steps…

Geographic positioning

It is very important to be aware of where your website will be displayed. There are different consumer habits and expectations across countries and regions that are very important to keep in mind. For example, landing page websites are very popular in the United States, where all the information is on one page and the content is scrolled. If you are making a website for Italy, the design should be very clean and stylish, etc.

Defining a target group

The most important thing about a website is to determine for whom it's done. If you know what your targeting group is, you will know how to design a website so that it is appropriate for those visitors. For example, there is a big difference between the website being aimed at large companies or end-users.

Who will open the website most often - farmers or managers of large corporations? At what age are its potential users - 20 or 60? All these factors are very important to build a proper vision and structure for the website.

Concept development

The concept takes into account all factors related to geographical positioning and customer type, as well as several other factors. You need to be aware of how you want your potential customers to perceive you. Everything they see and read will shape their opinion of you and help them decide whether to work with you. It is very important to tell your customers what you can do to help them, how you are better than others and how you can make their lives easier.

Website Design

Design is a creative process, it is a visualization of the concept. A good look is always important, but it must be perfectly balanced with excellent functionality.

Surely you have happened to open a great looking website, but it loads very slowly, doing things that are not wanted, and seemingly simple things such as viewing photos, for example, require special gaming skills. After all, you get upset and leave the website, and this should not happen.

The design is also subject to good navigation. If a visitor tries to get to certain information and fails in the fastest way, he or she will simply open another website. Design development also determines what content is and where and how to position it. Content is extremely important, keep in mind that a beautiful picture is not a website, it must have useful content.


Many people choose ready-made systems and this is not surprising because most companies offer it. I'm not saying that a Wordpress is bad, but in my opinion, it's not good enough.

A shorter build time implies a lower cost of ready-made systems, but still, cost and value are two different things. If one product costs 100 BNG and does not get you back 1 BNG and other costs  1,000 BGN but you get a return of 100,000 BNG, then what is the expensive product?

Development of advertising strategy

After activating the website, the most important thing is to develop an advertising strategy. First, the advertising budget and advertising goals must be determined, and then appropriate advertising channels are identified based on the budget and goals. There is much to talk about here.

Nowadays, there are many advertising channels and each has pros and cons. For example, if you offer an innovative product you can not rely on direct advertising because nobody knows the product and you can not expect to be contacted. You have to introduce the product as one of the fastest methods is social networking, of course, if the product is not very specialized and intended for a limited group of people.

After completing the described steps, you can safely sunbathe on the beach and drink a Cubalibre while your employee works tirelessly and wins customers for you!