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E-commerce is becoming more and more popular and in some sectors, it is taking a huge share of sales. More and more traders decide to switch partially or entirely to online trading. E-commerce is also of interest to some investors, and we can say that it falls into the share of low-risk investments, while at the same time it can generate serious profits, with minimum investor participation.

The environment and lower consumption make a large part of producers seek options for online sales of their products. Thus they have access to many more customers and markets.

Anyone who decides to start e-commerce raises some questions and we will try to answer some of them:

Is it expensive to do e-commerce?

The price of e-shops is very low compared to the investment in a physical store, and distributed during the period of operation is negligible. That is why the store must be well executed and reliable because it is the main sales tool.

Does it take a lot of time?

Actually, it does not. Even the custom platforms we build can be built and put into service within a month or so. However, it all depends on the specific task and workload of the team.

Is it difficult to complete products and information in the store?

As I mentioned, we build custom platforms that are tailor-made for the client, and the content management panel has a nice and easy-to-use interface. Also, Web Design Studio Zashev offers to fill in the information on the site on the customer’s behalf.

How will I advertise and promote e-shop?

We offer to prepare a comprehensive advertising strategy and implement it. Also, we offer the full range of internet advertising and digital marketing services which can be combined to achieve the best effect. We offer SEO optimization for Google, Google advertising, Facebook, Instagram as well as email marketing.

How will the payment be made?

We can develop a module for every possible payment method, the most commonly used are payment on delivery, payment card, ePay and Paypal.

How will I process my orders?

It is very easy to process orders as you get an email for every order you receive. You can then change the statuses of orders in the Control panel and confirm or reject them. With InOut's integrated Fullfilment solutions, you can store quantities of your products and InOut processes orders for you.

How will the delivery be made?

You can make deliveries with any courier company in Bulgaria and abroad, also you can use the integrated system of InOut road transport in Europe or their Fullfilment solutions.

With our help, implementing an online commerce project is an extremely easy task. You just have to find or produce good products and choose the right markets.

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