Google Ads

Want to attract more users to your site?

But are the visitors you already have, enough to achieve your business and marketing goals?

PPC, and Google advertising in particular, allow you to reach potential customers who are at the lower levels of the user funnel.

This means that they are either ready to buy the product or service they are looking for or they are looking for additional information before buying.

Whether you are selling in an online or physical store, well-designed Google ads can provide:

  • quality traffic to your site;
  • consumers who can become your future and regular customers, whether they are just looking for product information or are ready to buy;
  • better brand recognition;
  • reaching new markets;
  • achieving your business goals.

The main advantage of Google Ads is that when analyzed in parallel with Analytics, the results are easily measurable.

Depending on the set goals, the effectiveness of the campaigns can be tracked by:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversion

These are the most common indicators to measure the results of advertising campaigns on Google.

What does it take to show your ad before your competitors' ad?

We all think that the price we offer is fundamental to our good performance.

However, this is not entirely true. The factors that determine when ads will appear on the results page (SERPs) are generally:

  • the price we are willing to pay;
  • how relevant are the keywords contained in advertising;
  • does the textual content match the content of the landing page to which we refer users;
  • the quality of our site.

The last factor shows that Google Ads and SEO work well together. A well-optimized website will lead to higher Ad Rank.


Google Ads allow you to engage users who have already visited your site, regardless of how they reached it. Remarketing ads are shown to people who visited your site and left and are based on specific rules or audiences you choose.

Ultimately, the biggest advantage of the available targeting options to PPC is that you can reach people who are no longer among your audience, and to those who are familiar with your products and brand.

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