Custom web design

Designing a website is a creative process and requires not only extensive experience and knowledge but also serious preparation.

In order to make a quality design, it is necessary for the designer to know very well the business he has to present. This includes the structure and activity of the company, its products, customers, markets, as well as the management's vision and expectations. What we at Zashev Web Design Studio do is:


The designer gets acquainted with all the information about the company, as well as the presentation on the global network. He carefully and thoroughly examines every aspect of the company's activities and goals. He requires the necessary data and gets acquainted with the corporate identity of the company, the graphic elements that the company uses, such as logos and corporate colors. The next step is:

Analysis of existing solutions

After getting acquainted with the company, it is time for the designer to look at the competition. All competing companies, as well as those with similar activities, are surveyed. The purpose of this analysis is to identify good practices and to build on some of them. The same applies to bad practices and mistakes that should be avoided.

Concept building

The concept is creating a model for the vision and structure of the website that will meet the requirements and follow its purpose. It must be consistent with all the studies and analyzes performed so far and be fully focused on meeting the goals of the website. A very important element of concept development is the website navigation and its functionality. No matter how beautiful a website is if it is not functional and the visitor can not find the information that interested them, the website becomes useless.


After the concept is built, the project is visualized. To do this, we produce real-time visualizations of all page types. These visualizations are shown to the customer to give them a complete idea of how the website will look and function. After the design approval comes the programming of the website.

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